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March 20, 2015 GIVE Webinar – Green Event Certification

The panel of speakers have years of experience with greening large venues and events for numerous public agencies, non-profits, and businesses throughout the Unites States.

This webinar will discuss the laws in place, best practices for greening your event, including pre-planning with vendors, reporting tonnages, a variety of case studies of
excellent implementation and follow through, in addition to electronic communications for outreach to vendors and attendees.  This two-hour webinar will be packed with valuable
information to help you improve your program or learn how to begin. You won’t want to miss it!


Webinar Tips – Bob Hollis
1. (10:05-10:10) Introductions (Tracie Bills, Cascadia Consulting Group)
2. (10:10 – 10:35) AB2176 and Reporting, (Michael Siminitus, Waste Busters)
3. (10:35-10:55) Greening Your Event (Melissa Baxter, Nothing Wasted Consulting)
4. (10:55-11:15) Pre-Planning with Vendors and Set Up (Teresa Bradley, Revolutionary Green Events)
5. (11:15-11:35) Case Studies (Donna Thurmon, City of San Jose)
7. (11:35-11:45) Electronic Communications for Outreach to Vendors, Exhibitors, and Guests. (Bob Hollis, The Mobius Network)

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