A Technical Council of the California Resource Recovery Association

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A Technical Council of the California Resource Recovery Association, a 501c3 non-profit corporation.


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Mission Statement


The CRRA GIVE Technical Council is a not for profit organization whose members are dedicated to reducing the amount of waste generated by venue facilities and event activities by providing information, training, organization, and issue advocacy to industry professionals, government agencies, and the public.




  1. Increase awareness of facility and event managers about waste reduction requirements, and how to plan and implement waste reduction programs.
  2. Reduce waste reduction program costs and promote availability of alternative “green” products and services
  3. Work with government and industry to advocate and set specifications, standards, and practices that require and gives preference to waste reduction activities and “green” products.
  4. Recognize and promote individual achievements and potential innovations as examples for adoption by other CRRA members, the venues industry, and governments.
  5. Provide a unified voice for the venues and events industry before the government and the public on waste reduction issues.


GIVE is a technical council of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) and seeks a diversity of members and participation from all facets of the industry, including venue and facility owners and managers, event promoters, recycling coordinators, materials suppliers, waste haulers and processors, government officials, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Go to the to the CRRA website to learn more about the benefits of joining GIVE.

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Michael Siminitus, Chair
[email protected]

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